1940 Chevrolet Coupe - Robert Atkinson

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1940 Chevrolet Coupe
Robert Atkinson of Newhall, CA
Car Club
Beatniks Car Club
Robert Atkinson hails from Newhall, California which is the southernmost and oldest community in the city of Santa Clarita, California. It is only fitting that the oldest community in the city has a traditional tail dragger roaming its streets which comes by way of Robert’s 1940 Chevrolet coupe. While the coupe boasts some radical modifications, it emanates the idea of a simpler time which is fitting for its surroundings.
Robert has been tattooing since 1992 which has brought him a clientele that keeps his calendar full. Being responsible for the permanent mark on one’s skin which requires a high level of artistic ability and a mastering of the tools used is a far cry from being simple. Cruising around with his family and fellow Beatnik car club members provides for that even balance we all need in life. Pictures do the talking for Robert’s coupe, more than words. When asked about body styling, Robert’s response is “kool.” The grille? Rusty. The color? Green. The seats? Who knows! What we do know is that what is hidden from any pictures aides in the ability to drive in comfort. The ’40 coupe defines comfort via a four-link air ride suspension complimented by a Ford Pinto clip up front which has been married to a ’50’s Hudson steering column and wheel and when Robert is behind the wheel a “dirty” Chevy 350 and 700R4 transmission help to compliment the coupe’s chassis set up while the bellow of Vintage Air conditioning system hums along. Something else that de do know. is that the chopped coupe, built by Phil Jenneman and painted by Aaron Valencia, has just the right look that we all love here at Taildragger Syndicate.
Special Deluxe Coupe
Original headlights & taillights
Stock 1940 Chevrolet Tear Drop Rear Fender Skirts
Vintage Fog Lights
Stock Front & Rear Bumpers
Green single-stage paint
Bodywork & Paint by Phil Jenneman & Aaron Valencia
Upholstery by Phil Jenneman.
Stock 1940 Dash Painted White & Green with Stock Gauges
1950s Hudson Steering Wheel & Steering Column
Vintage Air Conditioning
Stock 1940 Chevrolet frame
1970s Ford Pinto Mustang II Kit
Fuel Tank in Trunk
4 Link kit in Rear
Air Ride Suspension Air Bag Kit in Front Only
Front & Rear: Drum brakes
15” x 6" original steel wheels painted black with chrome hubcaps wrapped in 205/70/R15 Coker American Classic Radial 3-1/2” whitewall tires
Small Block GM 350; Throttle Body Injection
700R4 Automatic Transmission
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