1940 Mercury Convertible - Mike Hegarty

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1940 Mercury Sedan Convertible
Mike Hegarty of Pleasant Hill, CA
Original Owner
Harold "Buddy" Ohanesian of Sacramento, CA
Built By
Dick Bertolluci, Harry Westergard, & Less Crane
1940 Mercury Convertible Sedan; removable steel top
1946 Chrysler top used for front half & 1941 Buick top used for back half; with Oldsmobile rear window
Modified front to fit 1946 Chevrolet grille
Nosed & Decked hood
Rear fender wheel wells enlarged covered with 1940’s Foxcraft teardrop style fender skirts
1946 Chevrolet Bumpers
Headlights frenched and shaved chrome trim
1946 Ford Taillights modified into rear fenders
Door handles & hood ornament shaved
Molded splash pans, front & rear fenders.
Recessed license plate into rear deck lid
Appleton Spotlights; fully functional
Metalwork & Bodywork by Dick Bertolluci & Harry Westergard. Sacramento, CA
Ruby Maroon
Paintwork by Bill Reasoner. Walnut Creek, CA
White & Maroon Naugahyde upholstery
Maroon carpet
1940 Mercury seat frame
1947 Cadillac dashboard with clock glove box insert; painted maroon
1947 Cadillac gauges
1953 Mercury steering wheel & steering column; painted maroon
1940 Mercury stock frame with 4” dropped front axle
Rear parallel leaf springs
C-Notched for rear axle
Crossmembered raised
1940 Mercury stock gas tank with steel plate underneath
1940 Mercury stock steering box
Chassis Fabrication by Dick Bertolluci & Harry Westergard. Sacramento, CA
Stock shocks
Stock rear end - 3.54 ratio
Front & Rear - Lincoln Drum brakes
Front - 15” x 6" steel wheels with 15” 48-52 Cadillac Sombrero hubcaps with 215/75R15 American Classic Radial 2 5/8” whitewall tires
Rear - 15” x 6” steel wheels with with 215/75R15 American Classic Radial 2 5/8” whitewall tires
1946 Mercury flathead 239 v8 engine; Red paint color
Sharp Cylinder heads
S.C.O.T. Flathead Blower & Intake manifold
Isky 404 Camshaft 
Ford Stock Ignition
Stromberg 97 Dual Carburetors
Fenton Cast Iron headers
Stock 3 Speed on column - manual transmission
Stock closed driveline
Transmission work by Ken Stevans
Wiring by Harry Bradley
2” Glasspack mufflers & exhaust piping by John Williams.
Chrome-plating by C&M. San Francisco, CA
The Rodders Journal Issue #42 Cover
Cover of 1975 Sacramento Autorama Souvenir Program
Photography By:

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