1940 Mercury Convertible - Chris Casny

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1940 Mercury Carson Top
Chris Casny of Maui, Hawaii
Car Club
Kontinentals of Austin, TX & Immortals of SoCal
Built By
Chris Casny of Maui, Hawaii
Carson Top Convertible; chopped 3.5”
Relocated car fuel filler to trunk; shaved fuel filler from rear fender
Shaved trunk handle
Stock headlights & taillights
Modified Original 40 Mercury front bumper 
1940 Mercury Front Bumper Guard
Metalwork & Bodywork by Chris Casny. Maui, Hawaii
Black House of Kolor paint (Base Coat & Clear Coat)
Paintwork by Chris Casny. Maui, Hawaii
Black & White Naugahyde upholstery
Upholstery by Chris Casny. Maui, Hawaii
Black German High Pile carpet
1940 Mercury seat frame lowered
1940 Mercury dashboard with clock glove box insert; black paint
Restored 1940 Mercury gauges; additional Mooneyes gauges under dash
1940 Mercury white steering wheel & black column
1940 Mercury stock frame
Reversed main leaf spring eyes
Rear Crossmember Flattened
Custom Stainless Steel Fuel Tank
1940 Mercury stock steering box
Chassis Fabrication by Chris Casny. Maui, Hawaii
Modern Tube Shocks
Original 1940 Mercury Banjo Axles - 3.54 ratio rear end
Front & Rear - Stock Drum brakes
16” x 4” stock steel wheels with 16” Hollywood Single Bar Flipper hubcaps with 600-16 Firestone Deluxe Champion Bias-ply whitewall tires
GM small block 283 v8 engine; White paint color
Cal Custom Polished Aluminum finned valve covers
Spun Aluminum air cleaner & alternator
Aluminum Radiator
Edelbrock Aluminimum Intake 600cfm carburetor
Edelbrock Performer 4 barrel intake manifold; painted White
Stock 1940 Mercury 3-Speed transmission
Original Torque Tube
11” Ford Clutch
Wiring by Chris Casny. Maui, Hawaii
2” Smithy’s Glasspack muffler & exhaust piping by Chris Casny. Maui, Hawaii
Chrome-plating by Centex. Austin, TX
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