Lyon Air Museum : Hot Rods on the Tarmac 2022

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Lyon Air Museum is located on the west side of John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California, and hosts fantastic historic exhibits with an Emphasis on World War II era planes and automobiles. So, why wouldn’t this be a perfect place to host over 100 prewar cars for fantastic weekend show?
Curated by Bobby Green and Ray Dunham, a beautiful collection of vintage hot rods and period correct custom were parked in front of the hanger for an amazing display to help showcase the museum’s current exhibit, “War Surplus on Wheels.” The exhibit takes us through World War II influence on American car culture and its effect on the birth of hot rodding. Featured inside were not only restored vintage warbirds, cars, and gear but also a handful of vintage belly tank racers directly inspired by the surplus of military equipment after the war. The show was a total success, and made for some beautiful imagery with these iconic planes outside of the hanger.
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  • i would like some information on picture#26. that is a very beautiful automobile.
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